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Soul Cage

2D Digital | TBC | 85min | Released: July 30, 2022


Up and coming MMA fighter Sloane Zaro is on her way to super-stardom when she comes home to witness the brutal murder of her mother.
Sloane's dad, Leonard is accused of the murder.
As Leonard Zaro goes on trial for killing his wife, Sloane trains for the fight of her life. Thanks to a life-long career as a mobster, Leonard seems to have a lot of people who love the idea of him going to prison for a murder that he may or may not have committed.
Sloane decides to keep pursuing her goal of being a successful MMA fighter to make her dad proud.
With insurmountable personal tragedy weighing down on Sloane, it will take everything she's got to survive when she steps into the "Soul Cage."


July 30, 2022
6:30PM 8:45PM