IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum
IMAX Theater - Indiana State Museum

Blue Whales: Return of the Giants 3D

IMAX 3D | 45min | Released: June 1, 2023


Blue Whales: Return of the Giants 3D takes viewers on a journey of a lifetime to explore the world of the magnificent blue whale, a species rebounding from the brink of extinction. Following two scientific expeditions — one to find a missing population of blues off the exotic Seychelles Islands, the other to chronicle whale families in Mexico’s stunning Gulf of California — the film transforms our understanding of the largest animal ever to have lived.

From its almost incomprehensible size to its spectacular feeding habits; from the surprising role it plays in the health of our oceans to its awesome long-distance communications, the film provides an unforgettable window into the lives these animals live — and the extremes scientists must endure to study them. Joined by a cast of supporting characters — from dolphins and sperm whales to sea lions and orcas — the blue whale finally gets its star turn… in life size, on the giant screen!